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As Julia's health worsens, Christian falls back into old habits. Sean hires Gina as the new receptionist at McNamara/Troy in order to get back at Christian. Dawn Budge returns to McNamara/Troy after another unfortunate incident which requires cosmetic surgery.

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Matt’s rehab counselor, introduced in the last episode as the victim of a suicide bomber, finds a tooth embedded in her cheek. As the episode progresses, she reveals how much of the bomber’s remains infiltrated her body after the blast. It’s an interesting metaphor that leads Sean and Christian to forgiveness and reconciliation as Rachel returns the remains to the bomber’s family.

Before that, however, we see Christian tempted away from Julia by the new receptionist. He accuses Sean of hiring her to sabotage his relationship with Julia. After a tryst in his office, Christian fires her. Sean makes an interesting choice for her replacement: Gina Russo, the mother of Christian’s child and the only woman he would not want to sleep with.

In the meantime, Freddy gets incredibly excited about being invited to a gay pride parade, even though Dawn is adamantly against it. Her appearance at the parade results in being run down by a lesbian on a motorcycle. After Sean and Christian work on her face, her homophobia and talk of lawsuits reveals her true fear, namely that Freddy would realize his true sexual nature, which of course is exactly what happens anyway.

As Sean struggles with his jealousies, he is haunted by his vision of the bomber, and at one point imagines himself about to blow Julia, Christian and himself to bits. Jealousies and aggravations build to a head as Sean and Christian have an all-out brawl and have to be hosed down by Liz.

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